Wheelchair Services

Extraordinary Accommodations-All wheelchair administrations, oxygen necessities, and different facilities must be orchestrated through your carrier before your flight.

Customer Care

At L.G.A. there are Customer Care Representatives available to assist passengers. They wear red coats. They can help you with a significant number of inquiries.

Pay-per-use, Single Visit Passes, and Lounge Memberships

Notwithstanding what class of administration you are flying, there are lounges that you can enter by paying at the entryway, buying a parlor go, or through a parlor enrollment program. Visit the individual parlor page for more insights regarding the parlor itself and to likewise discover how you can pick up relax access with only an economy class ticket.

Other services

The UPS Stooffersfer is duplicating, faxing, transportation, public accountant, and other postal administrations. At L.G.A., there is free WIFI accessible for all travelers. There is a relief area for pets, located at the Marine Air Terminal Entrance. There are areas for charging mobile devices, found around in the airside territories of the Airport. There also four hotels inside the terminal. And ATMs for money transactions with Bank of America ATM located at the Baggage Claim area, mid Concourses B and C, Food Court mid Concourses B and C, Food Court, close to Concourse D.



Location, And Address, Of LaGuardia Airport.


Services provided by LaGuardia Airport.


Parking Spaces, And Facilities At LaGuardia Airport.

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